My “friend” Willpower…

My “friend” Willpower…

Let me tell you about my friend. Her name is Willpower and honestly, she is a real b***. I mean, I hate to talk bad about her, but she is!  I have given her so many chances and she almost never comes through for me.

Don’t get me wrong – she can be decent friend, sometimes. But on more than one occasion (like a million) she has walked out on me when I least expected it. And often times, it is when I really need her friendship the most!

Sure, she has many good qualities. She is smart and witty and can even be really strong and creative. She is definitely good at making friends. But then, without warning, she loses it. She walks out and I’m left feeling defeated, weak, alone, and sometimes (depending on the situation) just flat stupid.

Let me tell you about last week: A whole group of us went to dinner. The evening started off just fine. Everyone ordered drinks (I got water) and appetizers. I didn’t really like the appetizers, so I wasn’t eating any. Next thing I know, I look around for Willpower and she is gone. Flat GONE.  The rest of the night was a disaster. I ended up drinking too much and then finished the night with dessert while killing time waiting on her return. But like usual, she never did.

I typically have to play catch up when she does this to me. Sometimes, I even have to go back to square one and start over completely. Last week, I felt bad for two days that she walked out on dinner.

I am tired of it. I can no longer be her friend. I actually met some new people who I’m going to try to get to know. Their names are Determination, Confidence, & Faith. I think I am going to hang out with them awhile and see if they are better friends.


See you in the gym! Feel free to bring your new friends.