How do you feel about New Year resolutions? Personally, I am not too big on them. A pool of things that you should be doing all year around, but are too lazy or too lax or just plain too stubborn to do February – December? No thank you.

However, January does give you a natural sense of new beginnings. New opportunities to do better or to be better in some aspect or another.  I am constantly chasing new goals, both personally and professionally and January of a new year always provides the perfect atmosphere for just that. (So, maybe that means I am a new years resolution-er after all?)

Let’s look forward and think where we want to be this time NEXT year. What can we accomplish, what goals are within our reach, what goals are not? What can we do to change our own tide, pushing us to another place?

This can be as simple as losing 10 pounds and getting into better shape or as complex as starting our own business venture or expanding our family. There shouldn’t be limits on what or where we go in 2018. As a matter of fact, we should set goals that seem well OUT of our reach and see what happens. After all, I think I would rather dream big and only reach part of them then dream mediocre and reach all of them. What about you?


See you in the gym, it is goal time!