The truth is highly successful people don’t get that way by accident. They work for their success. They don’t accept no for an answer and they always anticipate the best.

What you did 10 years ago to lose weight isn’t going to work for you today.  What you did 5 years ago to lose weight isn’t going to work for you today and quite honestly, what you did last year to lose weight might not work for you again. Truly the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result.

Let’s think through the process. You want to lose weight. Period. End of story. So, ok. Lets do it.

It is going to take some work to reach this goal. Ok, some very hard work. You might shed a few tears, you might crash a time or two and you might think it isn’t possible, but I am here to tell you it IS possible. No one ever promised easy, only possible. You did not put on this weight overnight, so please do not expect it to come off overnight. Impatience is related to pride and typically proud people never think they should be inconvenienced. The truth is, it is going to take TIME. So you might as well mentally prep yourself to enjoy the journey.

We are going to have to re-think what you habitually do.  We are going to take baby steps at first and before long you will be off and running.

Here is our starting point, so get ready. Your immediate tasks is to go through these next steps and commit yourself to them. There is no real gray area here, make up your mind and do it. Even if you have to re-commit every day for a solid month, do so until it sticks.


When we complain, we remain – it can totally prevent us from moving forward. When we adapt a good attitude we are on the road to freedom.


Yes, you heard me. Start eating several small meals per day. No more of this eating 1-2x per day. Every 2-3 hours have a snack. Trust me. Frequency is key.


Up to 60% of the adult human body is made up of water. It is a vital nutrient, helps flush out toxins in your body, helps lubricate joints, the list of benefits is ridiculously long. Less caffine, more water.


More to come on clean eating later, however, here are the basics. More protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats with less sugar, candy, pop. You get my drift. We will dive more into this over time.


Please end the pity party. You can not be both pitiful and powerful at the same time – please choose powerful. When negative thoughts start to creep up, pray for the strength to think positively. Focus on what you are thankful.

Ok team, its game time! Lets do this!