Let’s face it. This whole thing is a mental game. 

No one is immune to it. Even the best of the best in the fitness industry have days they simply do not want to workout. We all wake up from time to time not feeling the best, not motivated, not wanting to extend all our energy. We all fight the desire to sleep in, to cave to comfort food or to cut workouts short or skip them all together. And yes, we are all too busy.

But yet, you see them. Those that do not give in to the desire to stay in bed or to skip workouts. You almost think they are different. They don’t have the same problems as you or fight the same battle with being busy. How are they always able to make time for themselves?

Maybe it is a habit. Or maybe they just make the decision. They choose to be WISE in their daily choices. They CHOOSE to spend time on their health now, so they can enjoy it later. Wisdom is making choices today on what will benefit you tomorrow. The temporary comfort of sleeping in will never be greater than the comfort of being healthy. The temporary satisfaction of a cheeseburger on your taste buds will never be as good as the satisfaction of a slim waist and healthy heart. The temporary relaxation of being on the couch after a long day will never be better than the ease of climbing steps without being winded.

Staying on track is almost a full time job. You must constantly be working to improve your health and fitness. And unfortunately there is no end. It is an on -going journey that you can either love or hate, but will be a part of you until you take your last breath.

Being focused, the importance of consistency, the will to continue, the drive to be better is in all of us. But whether you choose to cultivate those feelings is up to you. Surround yourself with like-minded people, with positive influences, with those that challenge you to this level of success.

There isn’t a secret. It is simply do you want to be better?

Here are a  few tips to stay sharp mentally…

  1. Be a self-starter.  Set tangible goals and an action plan to reach those goals. Are you wanting to lose 5 lbs? Then set your goal date and start taking the appropriate steps to reach that.
  2. Be positive. No one ever got anywhere speaking negatively. Speak positive affirmations over your life and your abilities. Surround yourself with positive people and positive influences.
  3. Talk to yourself! You can talk yourself into or out of anything. Remind yourself on a daily basis how strong and focused you are (even when you don’t feel like it!). 
  4. Visualize. Make a vision board, “see” where you want to be. Visualize reaching your goals and how it will feel once you achieve them.
  5. Get uncomfortable. Albert Einstein so brilliantly said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. You will have to step out of your comfort zone. Doing so will strength you mentally.