It is always little messy at first, complicated, and often hard to navigate. It will always require more of you than you want to give. Either more energy, more money, more time or all three.
However, it is inevitable. To grow, we must change. I heard this quote once a long time ago and it has forever stuck with me, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” 
Stepping out into the unknown is scary for anyone but only due to our own fear of failure.  We constantly play the “what if” game in our minds. What if I fail, what if I look stupid? Then you become so focused on the negative that you forget how rewarding the positive can be. It would be so nice to have a crystal ball to tell us what the future holds and to give us comfort in our decisions. But truly how boring would that be?  A life with no challenges, no major rewards, no positive growth.
How sad will it be to look back on life knowing we could of done more, but were too scared of being wrong. I will take a million chances of being wrong if it means no regrets when I take my last breath.  I doubt you will never feel the fear again, but I do know you can learn to do it afraid.
And speaking of about this expansion?! We hope to be moved in by spring!
See you in the gym!