Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

AH, the ultimate struggle. That dreaded FIVE pounds. It can a lot when you are already fit and healthy.
I have had several of you ask how do I do that. Well. WORK AT IT. Quit making excuses for bad weekend habits, hold yourself accountable for your decisions and take action.
I work with several people everyday and here are some of the problems. Does this sound like you?
Problem areas:
Lack of meal planning /meal prepping.  Yes, I know all of you eat well MOST of the time, but is there a rhyme or reason to your weekly menus? Are you getting in an the correct grams of protein for your body? What about carbs? Water? It is my guess that while you are decent at this, you cut corners to save on time. Believe me, I totally get it, but this is a huge problem.
Weekend struggles:
Ah, the weekend. You have worked hard all week, you deserve a treat, a drink, to indulge. Friday night hits and you are ready for pizza or sushi, or anything other than a grilled chicken salad. Then Saturday rolls around and you are out to dinner with your family. Then what the heck – Sunday is a lazy day better suited for comfort foods than diet plans. Now you have successfully eaten poorly three consecutive days. And your healthy “week” was really only Monday through Thursday (four days).  You pretty much cancelled out all of your hard work. While you didn’t gain any weight, you certainly lose either. Not to mention you made zero gains in actually changing your physique.
Monday morning you are back on the band wagon, ready to work. You workout harder, eat less only to repeat the entire cycle over again come Friday late afternoon.
This weekend “dieting” might not be making you “fat” but it is definitely not helping you reach any sort of goals.
Fitness Woes: 
While we all fall victim to this trap, you must refuse to get stuck in the same rut. Do you do the same workouts week in and week out? Working out should be uncomfortable. If you continue to gravitate to the AMT, are able to scroll through social media posts and hop off with just a little sweat on your brow, you are definitely stuck.  And if you leave personal training sessions barely sweating and still feeling fine, you should fire me!
Throughout the month, I am going to send you new cardio workouts once per week that will force you out of your comfort zone.  The rest of the puzzle is up to you ladies. You know your bodies better than I do. You know if you are working or simply going through the motions.
Folks, you can do this. I have complete faith in you. Where there is a will there is certainly a way. Get busy folks, you’ve got work to do.
See you in the gym!