How much do you complain? 
Yikes. That question might hit home for several of you. Sure it is tempting to dive into a little self-pity. It actually seems to be human nature, right? 
Did you know, when you complain, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol shifts you into fight-or-flight mode, directing oxygen, blood, and energy away from everything but the systems that are essential to immediate survival. One effect of cortisol, for example, is to raise your blood pressure and blood sugar so that you’ll be prepared to either escape or defend yourself. All this just for a few moments to complain to someone that essentially doesn’t even care? 
Try taking this week to be grateful and focus on the positive. No complaining about your job, or lack thereof. No complaining about the ache in your knees, back or head. No complaining about exercise or eating healthy. Don’t be the Debbie Downer in your circle of friends or in your family. Open your eyes to your opportunities, to your successes, to your strengths and let your words reflect a grateful heart. 
Personally, I am very grateful for a like minded fitness community that takes the time to lift up and support each other. A group that is quick to celebrate each others successes and encourage through the trials.   Thank you #teamvital! Cheers to no complaining and no excuses! 
See you in the gym!