Hey team! 
We finished! Eight (long) months later, we are finally done with the remodel and addition of Vital. The total project included a additional 2000 sq ft add-on to the main facility along with re-working another 2000 sq. ft we had in the batting cages. Those were revamped to double the size of our group fitness room, expand our spinning & kids room, as well as give room to additional (much needed) office and working space. 
I am pleased with the project, but it definitely didn’t come without a price. Yes, of course the money, but I am really referring to the mental cost of expanding. A record in my head on repeat—do we need the space? can we pay for it? is it wise? why change a good thing? Over and over and over. Had I chosen to listen to that voice, I would of never dove into expanding. Honestly, I probably would of never built Vital in the first place. 
Instead I chose to listen to the ever faint voice, encouraging me to take one small step and then another. Basically being scared the entire time. Sometimes, I think the biggest (and greatest) decisions are always accompanied by fear.  
While I am still not great at it, I am learning to do things scared – getting out of my comfort zone, taking chances, praying for direction and leaning into my faith.  Thank goodness for a strong team that is willing to jump in the middle with me. 
I guess it is true that the best fruit really is out on the vine.