My Why. 

This was really hard for me to write. I save several “whys.” And they are constantly changing. The why I have today is drastically different than it was when I first started this fitness journey. 

My “why” started with a healing journey of exercise of things I could control. Then it changed into an avenue of helping others. It has been an obsession, a hobby, a relief, and a habit. And today, it is my lifestyle. 

I thrive on the high of all aspects of this journey and the friends I have made along the way. I have carefully selected my environment and made sure if was full of those that, like me, thrived on their own fitness journey. 

I have pushed through the critics in my family and friends, I kept grinding when they thought it was silly or over-rated. I kept grinding when it hurt, when I was sore, when I was tired. Now those critics are also a part of my journey. 

I continually think that God gave me one body and it is my responsibility to take care of it. I continually think of my children and how I want them to share the same goals of living strong; physically, emotionally, mentally.  

The fitness journey you see me on, is only half of it. The rest is  behind closed doors, where the real work lies. I will live this life successful. The why will constantly change and evolve, but it will always be there. 

What choices are you going to make behind closed doors? What choices are you going to make that lead to a better life, a better outcome? Forget the excuses, no one wants to hear them anyway. 

Get busy, you don’t have that much time.