Negative influences can destroy the most genuine effort.

It goes without saying we are constantly affected by those that we spend the most time.  Are these influences truly helping you be a better person, are they helping you reach your goals? The idea of peer pressure is a very real and scary thing because it can be so subtle. People can keep nudging us off course a little at a time until we can only ask ourselves, How did I get here?

If you are constantly around people that stay up late, eat junk, constantly at the bar, don’t exercise, and generally do not value their own health and wellness, chances are those things will rub off on you. These subtle influences need to be carefully evaluated if we want our lives to turn out the way we had planned.

Take a mental note of those people you spend the most time with and honestly evaluate their daily decisions. Do you agree or disagree with their lifestyle choices? How are their decisions affecting your choices, or influencing your own habits?

This battle of losing weight and getting into a healthier lifestyle is complicated. There are so many choices, so many ways to get derailed. It is easy to let influence shape our lives, to let other determine our direction, to let pressures overwhelm us but the real question is – are you letting yourself become something you wish to become?  I hate to see someone with the best intentions get completely off course because they make the choice to let others change them.


If you used to get in a workout most days of the week and now are only getting in 1-2 at best? WHY? Who or what influences have affected that decision?

If you used to watch what you ate and drank, limit your time out, and rocked a smaller size, what changed in your environment that caused you to backslide?


Making the very hard decision to slowly disassociate with certain negative influences is a tough one but that choice could mean preserving the quality of your own life. The continuation of sabotaging your own life for immediate gratification can very easily mean never reaching your own happiness.

We got several evaluations where our team was fighting struggles of negative thoughts and environment. Fighting illness or a child with illness or simply sabotaging your own efforts for no real reason. The idea of using the above to make poor choices is truly a result of influence. Be stronger than your excuses to bail. Quitting is always the easy way out.