A Pill Would Be Nice…

I wish there was a pill. Some sort of magic potion we could take and *P O O F* we were fit.   No work, no effort, just instant results. Or maybe a magic pill to get rich or have instant success?

A few weeks ago, a lady gave me the nicest compliment. (I wasn’t at Vital) She was asking me about my own personal fitness routine, how much I worked out, what I did, etc. She complimented me, saying she wanted to be in great shape and look like me (I told you, very super sweet). Then she said she wished she could do it instantly. And honestly guys, that made me mad. Now, not like fighting mad, but it was definitely aggravating.
Do not WISH for something that requires WORK.  Hard work, focused work, time, effort, work when you don’t want to work, work when you are sick, work when you don’t care, work when you are tired, broke, busy.  Day after day, week after week, year after year – that kind of work. Every single day.  That isn’t fair to want to take something from someone, not even beginning to understand what they have sacrificed to get it.
This is your fight team. This is your journey. These are your goals. Yes, a magic pill would be nice. But would you really appreciate it or grasp the magnitude of your accomplishment if you didn’t put forth the effort?
I don’t know what exactly will be your motivation, but I do know that once you find it, you will be driven.
You will not feel like showing up. You won’t want to get out of bed or workout. Do it anyway.
Put in the effort  – YOU ARE WORTH IT.  WIN THE DAY.
See you in the gym!