5 Ways you Can Make Your Health & Fitness A Priority

  Stuck. We have all been there. Stuck in a rut with no idea how to get back on track with our fitness and nutrition goals.  […]

Complain Much?

How much do you complain?  Yikes. That question might hit home for several of you. Sure it is tempting to dive into a little self-pity. It […]

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

AH, the ultimate struggle. That dreaded FIVE pounds. It can a lot when you are already fit and healthy. I have had several of you ask […]

Change? No thank you.

Change. It is always little messy at first, complicated, and often hard to navigate. It will always require more of you than you want to give. […]

Mental Game?

Let’s face it. This whole thing is a mental game.  No one is immune to it. Even the best of the best in the fitness industry […]

My “friend” Willpower…

My “friend” Willpower… Let me tell you about my friend. Her name is Willpower and honestly, she is a real b***. I mean, I hate to […]


  The truth is highly successful people don’t get that way by accident. They work for their success. They don’t accept no for an answer and […]


How do you feel about New Year resolutions? Personally, I am not too big on them. A pool of things that you should be doing all […]

Are you Accountable?

The problem of no accountability. Ninety-nine percent of folks have no one to be accountable to, making it easy for them to slack off, not follow […]

Motivation Monday!

After many years in this business, I know this time of year gets tough. It is hard to continue to focus on our health when there […]