Complain Much?

How much do you complain?  Yikes. That question might hit home for several of you. Sure it is tempting to dive into a little self-pity. It […]

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

AH, the ultimate struggle. That dreaded FIVE pounds. It can a lot when you are already fit and healthy. I have had several of you ask […]

Change? No thank you.

Change. It is always little messy at first, complicated, and often hard to navigate. It will always require more of you than you want to give. […]

Mental Game?

Let’s face it. This whole thing is a mental game.  No one is immune to it. Even the best of the best in the fitness industry […]

My “friend” Willpower…

My “friend” Willpower… Let me tell you about my friend. Her name is Willpower and honestly, she is a real b***. I mean, I hate to […]


  The truth is highly successful people don’t get that way by accident. They work for their success. They don’t accept no for an answer and […]


How do you feel about New Year resolutions? Personally, I am not too big on them. A pool of things that you should be doing all […]

Are you Accountable?

The problem of no accountability. Ninety-nine percent of folks have no one to be accountable to, making it easy for them to slack off, not follow […]

Motivation Monday!

After many years in this business, I know this time of year gets tough. It is hard to continue to focus on our health when there […]

Fall is in the air… finally!

Fall brings an unexpected sense of change. While we watch the earth change around us from green to beautiful yellows, oranges and golds, we too want […]