Group Fitness Schedules


Spin with Natalie – Monday’s 5:30pm

Kids Ballet – Monday’s 6:30pm

Free Flow Yoga with Kass – Tuesday’s 6:20pm

Boxing for Fitness – Wednesday’s 6:30pm & Saturday’s 10:15am

Saturday morning Boot Camp @ 9a OPEN FREE TO THE PUBLIC!


Click here to view our special events calendar – Fitness Schedule fall 2018 updated9.


Group Fitness & YOGA Punch Cards 

Group Fitness punch cards (10 classes) are available for $50 plus tax.  

Yoga punch cards are 6 classes for $50 or 12 for $100. 

*Qualifying classes offered during regular business hours only.

Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Kids Korner open during all evening group fitness classes.

Geared toward the athlete and fitness enthusiast alike, this class includes major power moves, plyometrics and strengthening exercises in a vigorous circuit format.   This class will keep your pulse pumping!  Boot camp instructors will always show various levels of exercise to accommodate all fitness levels. All fitness levels welcome.

Challenge your muscles and your mind in this dynamic cardio & strength workout. Boxing burns calories fast, relieves stress and improves both coordination and balance. Great self-defense tool & protection against bullying as well as proven to improve Parkinson disease.  Suitable for all fitness levels. 

This class is the perfect combination for targeting your most common problem areas. A challenging variety of abdominal and core exercises will help tone and strengthen your midsection while glute concentrated moves work your backside. Through very isolated movements using body weight, dumbbells and resistance bands, your butt and guts will soon be your best asset! Appropriate for all fitness levels

This class will include 45 minutes of cardio exercise on a stationary bike ending with core abdominal work. Perfect for all fitness levels.

This class is a fitness-based approach to Vinyasa style flow were students will focus on linking conscious breath with mindful movement. Perfect for an active recover and tight joint, or those who are seeking to strengthen stability muscles and tone the body. This class explores an individual’s outer/inner strength and ability to feel powerful in any posture in the knowledge that what we experience on our mat directly correlates to our approach to experiences in life and of ourselves. Suitable for all fitness levels.

This group exercise workout is performed on a stationary bike. The class offers the latest cardio workout combined with great music and plenty of motivation. Perfect for all fitness levels. 

For ages 3-8. 4-week sessions. Ballet shoes required. For members and non-members. Please inquire at the office.

A total body workout that combines the principles of both Pilates and Yoga. We will crank up the intensity to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that will help you build strength, lose weight and increase flexibility. Perfect for all fitness levels. 

This class uses your own body weight plus kettle bells, resistance bands and other various equipment for muscle building and toning.  Along with some fat blasting cardio, this combination will leave your body TORCHED! All fitness levels welcome.

This class incorporates both strength and cardio segments using dumbbells, body bars and bands for a total body (you’ll feel the next day) workout! You’ll improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength and agility as well as increase your energy level! All fitness levels welcome.

Anything goes in this intense interval style training course, from plyometrics, barbells, WOD’s, AMRAP’s, EMOM’s and weight training. This class is sure to offer you a challenge. Advanced level only.

Group Fitness Rules & Guidelines:  
  • Due to a limited number of bikes, all group cycling/spin classes will require a sign-up.  Sign-up will begin on Friday at noon, the week prior-to classes.  You may call or stop in the Vital office to register yourself only (no one else).  If you are signed up for a class and need to cancel, simply let us know. If you are signed up and do not show up (NO CALL/NO SHOW) for that particular class you will lose your sign up privileges for one week.  This is particularly important for the 5:15 am classes, so we can offer the space to another member. Thank you to those current spinners who have graciously given up their spin bikes to let other members try a class! 
  • All other group fitness classes will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  There will be no sign-up required.  There is, however, a limit of 20 participants per class.
  • No one will be permitted into class after the starting time.  This is to ensure everyone warms up properly to avoid injury.