Group Fitness Schedules


HELL WEEK,  Only the strong will survive…  F R E E! 

February 24-29,  join us for 6 days of challenging, ass-kicking workouts! Survive 5 of the 6 to earn awesome Vital Hell Week Swag! Check out the schedule below…


Hip Hop Dance 2 Fit with Dawn, Monday, February 24 at 6:30p.

This is the newest and hottest dance workout, incorporating a lot of fun dance moves that will not only burn fat but tone your body!

FREE for all members, $5 drop in for non-members.


Getting FLYING PIG Ready! Free Running/Walking Group with Katie! 

Saturdays at 9a – FREE to the public,  going on now!  *weather permitting*


NEW CLASSES for 2020 


Tuesdays at 5:30p with Jessie

Stretch Fusion / CORE

Wednesdays at 5:30p with Racheal


Tuesdays at 5:30p with Natalie & Gary

Group Fitness Winter Schedule 2020


Group Fitness Punch Cards 

Group Fitness punch cards (10 classes) are available for $50 plus tax.  

*Qualifying classes offered during regular business hours only.

Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Kids Korner open during all evening group fitness classes.

Geared toward the athlete and fitness enthusiast alike, this class includes major power moves, plyometrics and strengthening exercises in a vigorous circuit format.   This class will keep your pulse pumping!  Boot camp instructors will always show various levels of exercise to accommodate all fitness levels. All fitness levels welcome.

This class will include 45 minutes of cardio exercise on a stationary bike ending with core abdominal work. Perfect for all fitness levels.

This group exercise workout is performed on a stationary bike. The class offers the latest cardio workout combined with great music and plenty of motivation. Perfect for all fitness levels. 

This class uses your own body weight plus kettle bells, resistance bands and other various equipment for muscle building and toning.  Along with some fat blasting cardio, this combination will leave your body TORCHED! All fitness levels welcome.

This class incorporates both strength and cardio segments using dumbbells, body bars and bands for a total body (you’ll feel the next day) workout! You’ll improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength and agility as well as increase your energy level! All fitness levels welcome.

Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high-intensity interval training that is on the market right now. This fast-paced, fun class burns a ton of calories. This workout uses kettlebells, bands, bars and bodyweight exercises. Perfect for all fitness levels.

Trying to squeeze in an intense cycling workout during your lunch hour? Hop on the bike and pedal your way to the end of the day with this 30 minute cycling class. Perfect for all fitness levels.

A total body workout that combines the principles of both Pilates and Yoga. We will crank up the intensity to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that will help you build strength, lose weight and increase flexibility. PERFECT FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS.  

This class is designed to blend movements, music and dance steps while learning how to listen to the beat of the music and helping improve motor skills and imagination! FOR KIDS AGES 3-7.

Join this strength & conditioning class using barbells, dumbbells, and body weight exercises that will be sure to burn and excess of calories, increase strength, help tone and define your muscles. ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME.  

4 week session starting February 10  – This is the newest and hottest dance workout, incorporating a lot of fun dance moves that will not only burn fat but tone your body!  You know, drop it while its HOT! PERFECT FOR EVERYONE!

OHIO WEATHER! Living in Ohio can prove to have some major weather challenges, right y’all? 
Following is our official gym weather policy…


Level I Snow Emergency: No change in programs.

Level II Snow Emergency: All programs (including group fitness classes and Kids Korner) are CANCELLED.

Level III Snow Emergency: All programs are CANCELLED and the business office will be closed.


Wilmington City Schools 1-hour delay: All MORNING group fitness classes and Kids Korner will be held as scheduled.

Wilmington City Schools 2-hour delay: All MORNING group fitness classes CANCELLED and Kids Korner will open at 10am.

Wilmington City Schools CLOSED: All MORNING group fitness classes and Kids Korner will be CANCELLED.

*Please note the EVENING group fitness classes will be held according to the Level Snow emergencies listed above and are not affected by any Wilmington City School’s Closings or Delays.

As always, the main gym is a 24 hour facility and is not affected by weather. Please travel at your own risk.

Group Fitness Rules & Guidelines:  
  •  Group fitness classes will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  There will be no sign-up required.  There is, however, a limit of 20 participants per class for all classes except Spin and Vitality. 
  • No one will be permitted into class after the starting time.  This is to ensure everyone warms up properly to avoid injury.